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This convenient kit includes everything you need to accessorize your MINI or Squeeze Water Filters. It includes two 32-ounce Squeeze Pouches to use as back-ups or just to have on hand as additional reservoirs, and a set of Fast Fill Adapters so you can fill your hydration pack directly from your filter.

For the Squeeze Water Filter, the kit also includes a set of Inline Adapters to turn your Squeeze into an inline filtering system on a hydration pack (sold separately), and a Cleaning Coupling adapter that allows you to backwash the Squeeze with a plastic bottle.

5 in stock

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Everything you need to accessorize your Sawyer Squeeze or Mini Water Filter.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 – 32 oz. pouches
  • 1 – Fast Fill Adapters
  • 1 – Cleaning Coupling
  • 1 – Inline Adapters

Technical Specifications


Fast Fill Adapters (Squeeze and Mini)

Squeeze Pouches (Squeeze and Mini)

Cleaning Coupling (Squeeze)

Inline Adapters (Squeeze)


Pouch: 1 oz.

Fast Fill Adapters: 0.6 oz.

Inline Adapters: 0.4 oz.

Cleaning Coupling: 0.2 oz.

 Product #: [SP118]

UPC: 0-50716-00118-1

UPC: 0-50716-00118-1

Additional information

Weight 134 g
Dimensions 20.00 × 12.20 × 5.70 cm