//SAWYER S2 Foam Filter SP4220 bottle 20oz

SAWYER S2 Foam Filter SP4220 bottle 20oz

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REMOVES + Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Chemicals, Pesticides IMPROVES Taste & Odor # OF USES 800

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Andrew is going on a paddle trip in Mexico to a region with a known Rotavirus outbreak. He taking the S2.

Jane is working at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya and is worried about hepatitis E contamination so she is using the S2.


The three Select systems reduce chemicals down to 0.5 parts per billion (up to 40 times lower than the EPA’s maximum recommended level) and reduce pesticides down to 0.01 parts per billion (400 times lower than the EPA’s maximum).

The Select S2 and Select S3 models go even further, purifying contaminated water from suspect sources:

Select S2 filters out 99.99% of viruses

Select S3 filters out 99.99% of viruses and reduces heavy metals such as copper, arsenic, and mercury down to 0.5 parts per billion (up to 260 times lower than the EPA’s maximum).

Completely drying out the the Select Bottle is not necessary. The adsorption filtration technology within the foam is designed to both filter water as well as prevent growth. If you do dry it out and mold grows on the unprotected walls of the bottle, fill the bottle with water and continuously squeeze and release for approximately 3 minutes or until the mold is gone.

Are there any long term storage instructions for the Select filter or purifier?

You can store the bottle with either the Micro Squeeze filter or included white cap screwed on top of the bottle. The proprietary ingredients in the foam will make sure that your foam does not grow bacteria or develop an odor. Please do not compress these systems for long term storage. Store your bottles fully expanded to ensure that you do not inadvertently shorten their life.

If you want to dry out your bottle for packing weight reasons (it can save approximately one ounce), store in a dry room with the lid removed and the moisture will eventually evaporate out. Be aware that after you dry the bottle out, your first bottle will produce much less water than normal since our foam is hydrophilic (meaning it attracts water) and will want to hold onto some no matter how hard you squeeze. Repeat steps for first use when you want to use your filter again.

Are the filters and purifiers tested and approved?

Our filters and purifiers have been tested by independent and qualified research laboratories according to EPA standards for water filter and purifiers.

Can I freeze the filter?

While we have no proof that freezing will harm the filter, we do not have enough proof to say it will not harm the filter, therefore we must say that if you suspect the filter has been frozen, to replace it — this is especially true with a hard freeze.

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